A Privilege to Serve

bobroepkeGreetings on behalf of the Board of Directors of Love In the Name of Christ of Eastern Carver County.  Each of us considers it a privilege and an honor to serve our community and our churches in this way.  We greatly appreciate the many of you who have supported this ministry either by volunteering, making financial or product donations, or just telling people about Love INC.  Please explore our new website, www.loveincecc.org, and take some time to learn more about the services provided by the churches that make up Love INC.  The Board consists of 13 members representing the partner churches.  It meets monthly to plan and oversee the work of Love INC of Eastern Carver County.  We also work to raise financial resources to cover ministry expenses and set plans that will provide support to continued growth and expansion of the work.

The work of Love INC is bringing the member churches together to offer ministries that meet needs identified by those who call seeking assistance.  Love INC seeks to mobilize members of the churches to meet our neighbors’ needs in practical and manageable ways. Beginning in 2007 with just 8 partner churches, now 24 of the 30 churches of Eastern Carver County are official partners with Love INC, and several others join in on specific projects.   This is a collaborative effort that is special to watch and see the difference being made for those in need.

Whether you attend of one of our partner churches or not, you are welcome to join this movement of Christians in our community who volunteer their time and energy to make a difference in the lives of our neighbors.  The members of our churches and the pastors of our community are getting to know one another and are working together.  We also are seeing more and more church engagement in community efforts and community discussions, and that is a good thing!

It’s been great to see unity in Christ develop as members of the churches in eastern Carver County are getting acquainted, and in some cases growing very close in relationship with one another.  It represents exciting times now, and even more exciting times ahead, as we as Christians are growing in our capacity to bring help and hope to individuals and families. We are humbly learning from one another, and are enjoying fellowship across denominations.  We are discovering how great an impact can be made when we work together, seek God’s help through prayer, encourage one another in our faith, and seek practical ways to put our faith into action right here in our community.

We hope you find value in the website and we hope you engage in some way.  Whether you are in need of help, living in abundance, or somewhere in between—we invite you to consider engaging to love others in the name of Christ.  We are all in this together. It is the spirit of community and the invitation of Christ himself.

God’s Blessing to Each of You!

Bob Roepke – Chair, Love INC Board of Directors